Our Solution

Fifty2K has access to various Mining Rehabilitation Guarantee products that have been developed to specifically assist mining firms to overcome challenges. This is achieved by providing guarantees to the Department of Mineral Resources on their behalf.

These solutions enable mining companies to:

1. Comply with current legislation.
2. Free up expensive credit line.
3. Improve cash flow and working capital to allow for growth and investment opportunities.
4. Feedback on a regular basis in terms of fees and investment growth.

Rehabilitation Guarantee solutions can be provided for the following:

1. Prospecting Rights.
2. Mining Permits.
3. Mining Rights.

How it works

  • Mine commissions an Environmental Plan(EMP) which indicates life of mine and Rehabilitation value.
  • EMP is submitted to the DMRE which then issues a quantum indicating the amount required for Rehabilitation on closure.
  • Mine submits quantum, EMP and Financials to Fifty2K.
  • Fifty2K then acquires quotes from the various insurers to ensure the best possible terms for the mine.
  • Mine then signs off on the best terms and the Guarantee is issued to the DMRE.

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